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Our Objective

Our objective is to furnish our clients with the professional management of construction and expansion projects allowing them to focus on their core business or life needs.

Dynamic Building and Energy Solutions Construction

Dynamic Building is not solely a general contractor. We manage your project through the pre-construction programming, budgeting, contracting alternatives, cost analysis, and site selection. Your company adds to its staff the required personnel to successfully complete your project only for the duration required. In addition we are available to consult on trends in the construction markets, technology advances in the construction industry, and sound project programming and budgeting practices for long term expansion planning.

Dynamic Building is a socially responsible company. We work vigorously to control safety and environmental practices on all projects. Mandated hazardous waste and safety programs are a part of every project. All of us at Dynamic Building believe that sound environmental and safety practices provide a cost benefit reaped by our clients.

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Construction Services

What is our capacity?

Dynamic Building has construction experience in manufacturing, office building, laboratory, warehousing, commercial retail construction, design build home construction and existing home remodeling. Our Project Managers will provide you with the program blueprint to bring a successful completion to your new facility or renovation project.

How do we serve you?

We want Dynamic Building to be an integral part of your facilities operations. Rather than go through an expensive learning curve by utilizing existing personnel who are not trained in project programming and construction. Our project managers will provide you with the proper blueprint to make your project a success.

Commercial Industrial Project Delivery

Within the building industry, conventional methods of project delivery are being challenged by clients and consultants alike in attempts to save time, spend less money, reduce litigation, create less conflict or heighten the building's quality. While minor variations make each working arrangement unique, the major differences fall into one of three categories: traditional methods, construction management and design-build.

Dynamic Building offers our clients the delivery vehicle that will best provide their project's goals. While minor variations make each working arrangement unique, the major differences of Dynamic Building and Energy Solutions fall into one of three categories: traditional methods, construction management and design-build. Each of these project delivery options—that is, how the various individuals organize their participation and responsibilities to complete a building project—creates certain advantages and potential limitations. In the case of each project, the relative merits of the employable delivery systems must be evaluated. Dynamic Building most commonly used project delivery approaches are:


Dynamic Residential Construction Program

The selection of your builder is a very important decision and should not be done hastily. Dynamic Building welcomes the opportunity to get to know you, explore your ideas on your dream home and to provide our guidance in the design and construction of your home. A typical project, including design and construction, can often take nine to twelve months, or more. You should take the time to get to know the builder you are considering working with on such an important endeavor.

We believe our many years of experience building in Southeastern Connecticut is our single biggest asset. Our team at Dynamic Building can manage the design and construction of many architectural styles and sizes of homes. Dynamic Building and Energy Solutions is a licensed and insured home improvement contractor for Connecticut and Rhode Island. We perform Design-Build and remodeling projects. We welcome projects big and small, from installing windows to fully renovating a house.

We want each of our clients to fully participate in the design of their dream home or addition. Each project should be beautiful, energy efficient, utilize state-of-the-art technologies, have the finest materials of construction and should also be built with an eye towards future resale value. Ultimately, our clients decide upon and approve every aspect of their home. 

We work with leading local architects and home designers. Our on-staff interior designer is part of every project from start to finish to contribute to the functional design of the home and to guide the selection of the many choices in finishes. At Dynamic Building, we always welcome the opportunity to work with the top professionals in the custom home industry should our clients have preferences in these areas.

Our Services Include:

  • Design & Build Homes/Additions
  • ‍Remodeling
  • Green Remodeling
  • ‍Kitchen Redesign and Renovation
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • ‍Accessibility/Adaptation
  • ‍Window Installation
  • ‍Decks
  • ‍Siding


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