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"Thank you for your insulation recommendation, our homes upstairs is not like a sauna anymore, it is amazing how much more comfortable our upper level is now with sufficient insulation installed. We are very pleased with the result and professionalism of the Uplands staff."

Melissa L.

Customer - Stonington 15 Aug 2013

"I could not be happier with Uplands service. All the guys I have met and spoken with are knowledgeable, patient, outstanding individuals and just as they came highly recommended to me, I will inturn highly recommend them" Customers estimated annual savings was $850.00 after the assessment.

Thomas D.

Customer - Pawcatuck, CT 10 Sep 2013

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Our team is always focused on the project schedule and staying within budget. Our staff has experience with the local building market and servicing Fortune 500 company's expansion needs in our area. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Dart Kraft, Yale University, Charles River Laboratories, and Chelsea Groton Bank are just a few of the companies that have benefited from our staff's experience. Our attention to up-front planning, budgeting, and scheduling allow us to implement our aggressive construction programs and adhere to budget and schedule requirements. Additionally, we specialize in House Window Replacement, Patio Door Replacement and many more.

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Dynamic Building and Energy Solutions was established to provide management services to Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Municipal, and Residential clients as they undertake expansion of their facilities or home. Our comprehensive services include Smart Energy Solutions and various replacements such as House Window, Patio Door, Front Door, Garage Door Replacement and many more. Budgeting, project programming, and support staff are supplied to our clients, allowing their focus to remain on their successful business or life events. Rest assured, your needs are handled by experienced professional managers from the construction industry.

If we can be of assistance to you, please feel free to contact me at info@dynamicbuildingct.com, or use the Contact Us form below.

Craig Olisky

Chief Operating Officer

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